Jared Goff: I’ve got full control and full ownership of what we’re doing on offense

Jared Goff is entering his second season as the Lions’ starting quarterback.

The team has shifted plenty over the last year to put him in a better position to succeed, including drafting receiver Jameson Williams — who is expected to make his debut later in the season.

But the team also promoted Ben Johnson to offensive coordinator after Johnson took on expanded duties in helping to craft the offense midway through last season.

Though Johnson has been calling plays throughout the preseason, head coach Dan Campbell has not confirmed whether he or Johnson will be calling them once the games count. Nevertheless, Goff said on Wednesday that he feels comfortable and confident as he’s been in a while as the Lions gear up to play the Eagles on Sunday.

“I think I’ve got full control of what we’re doing on offense and full ownership,” Goff said in his press conference. “They’ve given me the reigns and I’ve ran with it as best I can. I know that — I think I know that they’ve been happy with the way things have gone up to this point with me in that position. But it’s, yeah, I feel confident. I feel confident in the guys around me too. It’s been really fun.”

Goff also noted that the transition to Johnson as offensive coordinator has “been better than I could ever imagine.” Part of that is the responsibility Goff has within the scheme and the say that he’s had in determining it. But Johnson has also had Goff in mind when making decisions about the offense, and that’s something Goff appreciates.

“The trust he has in me, and the amount of questions he asks me, and vice versa, the amount of questions I can ask him — and his responsiveness, and how great he is at listening, all that stuff is so helpful for a quarterback and I don’t take it for granted,” Goff said. “He’s a great coach and someone I’m excited to work with.”

Goff improved toward the end of last season, registering a 107.1 passer rating in his last five starts. He completed 70 percent of his passes for 1,136 yards with 11 touchdowns and two interceptions as Detroit went 3-2 in those games.

There’s no guarantee any of that will carry over into 2022. But if it does, Goff may solidify himself as Detroit’s quarterback of the future.